The Best Potty Training Videos, Books & Resources!

When it comes time to try and train most parents do not know where to look for advice on training their toddler to become potty trained. Some will say that reading from a book is the best way to learn, others will say that a visual lesson like a video would be more convenient and understandable for them.

Without argument, it is quite possibly the most stressful time in a parent’s life – to potty train their child. So where does one turn to for the best advice in potty training, the answer may be as close as your Internet.

Is A Potty Training Chart Good To Use?

The Best Potty Training Videos And BooksAccording to research the opinions vary from parent to parent, some say that a potty training chart with rewards works best with them. They say that it gives the child a visual goal and a reward to achieve that goal. Some seem to think that a reward system should not be applied to potty training and that it gives the child the wrong signal.

Of course this will vary from child to child and how each incentive will work for them. Some may say what it worked well for their child and others may say that kind of method did not work for their child. So your search is still on to try and find exactly what will be the best method to teach your child to go on the potty.

Are Potty Training Books Helpful?

Some parents will say that potty training books were very helpful for them and their toddler. Then there are some that say a potty training doll worked the best for their child. However, some parents and children will learn and will apply steps more easily if taught video.

Many potty training videos can be found on the Internet, at stores that focus on baby items and possibly even a bookstore, will have potty training videos and potty training books. It is really up to the parent to decide which media to use, in the end of course, it is what works for you and for your child.

Are Reminders Helpful?

Some will say that reminders work very well for their toddler. These reminders will have them use the potty at certain times. These times could be before getting in the car, before getting in bed, after eating, and other times that may be important to have an empty bladder.

The first and most important thing is that you never punish them for making a mistake or belittle them and make them feel bad for having made a mistake. This must be a time for calm, encouraging and rewarding your child for understanding his body and what it feels like to have a full bladder.

When potty training toddlers, it needs to be remembered that each child learns a little differently than another child. What has worked for your mother-in-law or your sister with their children may not work for your child.

How Do I Know Which Book Or Video To Use?

In the end of course the book or video to use will be the one that works best for you and your child. But the question may be, how do you know which one will work, and which one will be recommended by child psychologists as well as have positive reviews from other parents that have used the same product.

When parents start toddler potty training they can be overwhelmed with the choices of books and videos out there. You will find many potty training books, however, the best potty training books will be the ones will that will fit best with your lifestyle and with your core values.

Where Can I Find A Proven Potty Training Guide?

To find a step-by-step potty training guide, in either a video or a book, may be the perfect way to start. If you have been doing research already, you may have stumbled across the site, Start Potty Training.

This is a program that was invented by a mother that was running a daycare center. She saw the need for a method that worked, not just for her children but for other children as well. At the website, Start Potty Training, you will read of the struggles and the revelations that this mom had.

She wanted to share this method, which really worked, with other mothers that were potty training too. Because of this she developed this 6 building block method that has worked for many children.

The smartest and most comforting part is that if you try, the book and the video, for 8 weeks and it just does not work out for you and your child, it is 100% refundable with no questions asked. Try getting that at your local book store or children’s shops and see if it is no hassle.